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Medical Alumni Association Scholarship Information and Application

The MAA Student Scholarship is open to any first year medical student. All applications and financial aid release forms must be submitted electronically to Aimee Bernard - Submissions are now closed.

To view the recipients for the 2024 award, click here.

Travel/Conference Funding Opportunities

MAA Travel Funding Application - 

The Medical Alumni Association Board reviews completed student applications on a rolling basis. Following the board meeting, you will be notified whether or not you will receive funding and for what amount. Up to eight students per year can be selected; the reward is $100 for domestic travel and $500 for international travel. The MAA only provides travel funding for coach airfare and conference fees. Currently, the MAA prioritizes international travel. If appropriate, the MAA may forward a student’s application to other departments for consideration of other travel awards.

Student Fundraising Support and Yearbook Information

Each year, the MAA produces a yearbook for the graduating class that is designed by student editors. For further information, please contact Michael Downs.

Replacement White Coat Information

Coming soon!

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs supports medical students during their time at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and provides personal, professional, and academic guidance.

Thoughts for Young Doctors

Dr. Freddie Fu shares some pearls of wisdom in this inspirational talk that is based on the speech first given during the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony in 2014. Although originally targeted to an audience of young medical students, the content of this video is relevant to anyone in the field of medicine.