Medical Alumni Association


Match Day 2017 

March 17, 2017- Peterson Events Center

Pitt Med Class of 2017 may be coming to a city near you!  Click here full Match Day list.

If you missed the ceremony, re-play the celebration


HOST/Mentorship Information

How the Program Works

Pitt Medicine alumni are a valuable resource to current students and recent graduates who are eager to learn about possible career paths and experiences beyond medical school as they prepare to become the physician leaders of tomorrow. As the reach of Pitt Med extends from coast to coast and beyond, the MAA hopes to connect students with alumni both locally and nationwide, specifically as students embark into residency interviews and residency programs.

Alumni mentors are accessible to UPSOM students at any point throughout their time at the School and beyond. This allows them the opportunity to connect with different alumni mentors at crucial times in their medical school careers, as they explore their options for specialties, career paths and residency programs. The program is also beneficial to recent graduates who may be looking for job opportunities or considering a career change. Mentees may choose to reach out to alumni mentors based on their specialties, locations, employers or other experiences.

Alumni will have the flexibility to opt into or out of the Alumni Mentorship Program at any time, so that they can coordinate their involvement in the program with work and personal commitments. As there is no time constraints on the program, alumni participants are active in the database and may be a contact to students at any time after they opt in to the program.

Become a Mentor

To sign up to be an alumni mentor and to be included in the Mentorship database that is kept within the MAA office, please fill out this form. As an alum, you can enroll as a mentor and are still welcome utilize the database yourself to search for a mentor!

Student Mentorship Opportunity

The MAA wants to help connect Pitt Med students to Pitt Med Alumni both locally and nationwide. If you are interested in learning more about this program or being matched with an alumni mentor, submit your request for an alumni mentor either locally or for a residency interview.

If you are traveling, Please submit requests for mentors as far in advance as possible, allowing for at least two weeks' notice. Requests for travel that is less than one week away are unlikely to be fulfilled; if we are able to find a host for you we will let you know as soon as possible.