Medical Alumni Association

Sub Committee Information

1. Alumni Weekend Sub-Committee

Partner with the MAA Administration to promote MAA events including, but not limited to Reunion Weekend. Allow the MAA Staff to send out communications, via e-mail, phone and letter, to celebratory years encouraging attendance on your behalf.

i. Partner with MAA Administrative Staff to advise in planning of Reunion Weekend

ii. Allow MAA Administration Staff to draft correspondence to encourage attendance, sent on behalf of Sub- Committee Members

iii. Help MAA staff identify alumni within classes that may want a more active role with the MAA Board or as a Class Agent.

2. Fundraising Sub-Committee

The Fundraising Committee works to identify and engage fellow alumni in fundraising efforts to support the Medical Alumni Association Student Resource Fund.

i. Partner with the MAA to identify individuals who may be interested in philanthropy.

ii. In partnership with the Alumni Association, help to organize one event annually which would continue to cultivate alumni and individuals

iii. As needed, collaborate with Crowdfunding Student Sub-Committee to engage in crowdfunding opportunities to garner support for Scope and Scalpel Fund.

iv. Approve new marketing materials that showcase personal reasons for giving and can be used nationally

v. Bring one new alumni to an event that can be asked by the Medical Alumni Association to support Student Resource or Student Scholarship Fund

3. Outreach and Networking Sub-Committee

The Student Outreach and Networking Committee works with the MAA to strengthen the relationship between alumni and students. Members assist in providing students with networking opportunities and a chance to develop mentors.

i. Organize opportunities to meet directly with student class officers to hear about the needs of the medical students

ii. Aid in the MAA efforts to create a student-alumni mentor program.

iii. Create a strategy for involvement of young alumni into alumni-student networking events

iv. Work with Executive Director in the selection process for any student scholarship or student award

4. Nomination and Awards Sub-Committee

a. The Nominating Committee works to identify alumni for recognition of their service to Pitt Med and the alumni community. Recognition includes the Hench and McEllroy Awards. This committee also works closely with the MAA to identify, nominate, and recruit new members to the MAA Board.

i. Work with Alumni Association to nominate, select, and notify recipients of the current Alumni Awards

ii. Form ongoing dialogue of how best to recognize Distinguished Alumni outside of established awards that will be cost effective and well received

iii. In conjunction with the Reunion Committee, identify, nominate, and recruit new members to the MAA Board

iv. Review bi-laws to reflect the mission of the MAA and expectations of the members. v. With MAA Staff, approve on-boarding materials for new Executive Board members to transition onto the Board with clear and defined terms and roles.

5. Crowdfunding Sub-Committee

The Crowdfunding Sub Committee will work with MAA Administration to garner support for the Scope and Scalpel event for each class year.

i. Student run and driven Crowdfunding initiative for Scope and Scalpel fund

ii. Partner with Ashley Knoch to aid in implantation of crowd funding

iii. Provide new and thoughtful ideas on how to enhance support to Scope and Scalpel

iv. Raise an estimated $10,000 - $15,000 for your Class fund

v. Committee term will change each year with the new incoming MS-4 class.