Medical Alumni Association

Scope and Scalpel 2017


Hey Scope and Scalpel family,

WE HAVE EXCEEDED OUR GOAL! Thank you guys SO MUCH for all of your support in getting us to our fundraising goal! The 2017 Scope and Scalpel, Lord of the Ring Enhancing Lesions, is in full swing and rehearsals are around the corner already! This project would not be possible without your generous donations, and we are working hard to make sure this year’s production is the best one yet. Our S&S director and writing team have finished our script and have already cast our actors! Below is a picture of this wonderful writing team, lead by S&S Director Wei-Wei Lee.

We invite everyone to attend the production, which will take place at Central Catholic High School on May 19th, 7pm, and May 21st, at 2pm. We hope to see you all there!

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Eva Maria Urréchaga
Producer, Scope and Scalpel 2017